Valuable Information from a Professional Kitchen Remodeler

3 Wonderful Materials for Kitchen Backsplashes  

So, you are ready to design your kitchen backsplash? For many homeowners, backsplashes don’t deserve so much attention as they stay hidden behind hanging cutlery. However, installing the right material in that area can give your room a fun and interesting appearance. When it comes to durability and longevity, a kitchen remodeler would like to suggest the following three great options:

Ceramic tiles

Most professional remodeling contractors recommend shiny and beautiful ceramic tiles as the ideal material for backsplashes in multiple respects. When it comes to picking the most appropriate style, you will find yourself overwhelmed with hundreds of colors, sizes, and patterns, this material is highly affordable, lightweight, and easy to install and maintain.

Glass tiles

Understandably, many people are fans of glass tiles for many reasons. They come in a great variety of shades and textures. These gorgeous transparent tiles will really give your kitchen character and uniqueness. Glass tiles are an eco-friendly option that can be evenly matched with your countertops. However, their installation is a tricky process that should be performed only by experts.

Marble tiles

Who doesn’t love the flawless appearance of the smooth marble tiles? But they don’t just look stunning, you will have backsplashes to last a lifetime. Marble is a beautiful addition that will compliment any kitchen. The only risk comes from its porous and soft nature. However, when installed and sealed professionally, you will have a material with the greatest possible longevity, kitchen remodeling service providers advise. Despite the high cost of such an installation, having a surface that won’t scratch, crack, or develop dirt or mold makes it a smart investment.

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