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The Most Important Steps of Building a Home  

One of the best things about the houses in America is that most of them are built using some standard building practices. The main reason for this is that uniform building codes apply almost in every state. So, if you are witnessing the building of a house, you will see that everything from laying the foundations and the work of the framing contractor to the installation of the HVAC unit and the roof is the same. Here are the three most important steps of building a house:

Site preparation and pouring the foundations

First, the site you will build on should be cleaned and leveled. After that, the workers should put wooden forms that will be used as boundaries for pouring the foundations. After that, holes and trenches will be dug and the footings will be installed. At this point, the drains and electrical chases have to be installed too.

Complete the rough framing

Building the roofing, floor, and walls is the second important stage of the project. That’s the skeleton of the house and it should be built by a reliable framing contractor. Plywood or oriented standard board is applied to the exterior walls and roof and the windows and exterior doors are installed. Then, the sheathing is covered with a protective layer, which is also known as a house wrap. It helps limit the chances of wood rot and mold.

Complete rough electrical, plumbing, and HVAC installation

Once the shell of the house is completed, the roofing and siding can be installed. During this stage, the electrical wires and the plumbing should be run through the walls, ceilings, and floors. The ductwork for the HVAC system should be installed too. Finally, the receptacles for the outlets, lights, and switches should be installed and the wires run from the breaker panel to each receptacle.

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