Home Remodeling Company: What’s New in the 2017 Renovation Trends?

The Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Trends for 2017  

Long gone are the days when house improvement projects looked like setting certain standards for all families. Today, if you hire a reputable home remodeling company, you can literally ask them to do whatever design you have in mind. We have dedicated this article to the newest trends in home improvement projects.

  • Fresh and bold colors; If you are in an inspirational mood, you can add a bold color to your kitchen and bathroom. Instead of the usual white, beige, or gray, why not try something extraordinary? Why don’t you add a fresh blue shade to your kitchen and make your bath fresh orange? Marine blue is a great alternative for kitchens. It will encourage you to have fun while you are preparing the dinner for your loved ones. Of course, we don’t recommend you use these energetic hues as a basic tone but combine them with white, for instance.
  • Shiny perfection; This year is the year of smooth, even, and shiny surfaces. Quartz, marble, granite, ceramic tile, etc. will make your rooms look glamorous. How about the sinks, counters, and the toilet? You can pick materials that will resist scratches, impacts, and heat.
  • Small sizes; Now isn’t the time for giant sinks, cabinets, and furniture. By making them smaller, you can have a “tiny”, simple, and uncluttered home. This is the Millennium of the smaller and compact sizes making homes more functional and efficient. By selecting and installing smaller appliances, cabinets, and fixtures, you will have more space for your kids to play around or to host a party with friends.

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